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Originally Posted by elx View Post
i had my first distance ed/conference class last night. the 'super advanced' technology, allowed the professor to teach 5 universities and 100 students from all over at once. each class room had a 360 camera and microphones in the desks - the screen would switch over to where ever the loudest noise at that moment was coming from and zoom in on it. (this is so we could see whoever was talking at the time - student, professor, whoever)

the problem was we had to be extremely quiet for the professor to stay on the screen, but the 'super advanced' technology was too sensitive. someone would sneeze, the professor would be cut off mid-sentence and it'd switch to the class and zoom in on the student who did it. (other examples included putting on a sweatshirt, dropping a pen, and one lovely lady who attempted to sneak out with the camera following her to the door - zoomed in on her toush) each time 101 people would start laughing, and the screen would seizure between the 5 rooms until everyone stopped. oh the future. 3 hours, we accomplished nothing, going to be a great semester!
I had lectures where you weren't supposed to ask questions. That's what the tutorials afterwards are for.

But the again we took Philosophy under a tree, with no desks, let alone desks with microphones in them.
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