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we had one of them on another board i go to who has an obsession over elizabeth smart and is convinced that we're just too dumb to ever get a hold of her

i said somethign to the effect of "you think i dont know who you are those codes you have are for limited use and i know every one of them. listen, in two weeks you'll know where to meet me, because i'm definitely coming for you"

oh my god i nearly felt bad when my inbox flooded with "WHO ARE YOU" "YOU ARE AN IMPOSTER" "NEVER MIND IM SURE THE AUTHORITIES WILL APPRECIATE THIS" (my response: as what kind of evidence? if it isnt tagged under their own instruments you are fucked because no one is going to listen to that. you've been recycled already, it's over) "COME AND GET ME YOU WILL GET A NASTY SURPRISE" "WHO IS THIS???!!!!!!"

Thanks, Moon!
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