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The Boys is entertaining, for sure, but it's kinda scattered--I still don't know what the point of it is, and I've read every issue except for this Wednesday's release. Hellboy is always great, and I loved 100 Bullets.

I've kinda fucked off from all of the Marvel and DC stuff because it's just so convoluted and not worth whatever payoff you get from keeping up with the big storylines. Blackest Night sucked. While we're on the topic of comics that suck: The Walking Dead. It was off to a great start and there were some really good arcs (the Prison, the Governor, to name a couple), but it gets stagnant reeeeally quickly, and it takes a while to recover. Right now, I'm reading in the hopes that it'll get good again, but it's just a bunch of existential crisis bullshit--which can be good, if done well, but Kurtzman isn't a good enough writer for that sort of thing. I loved his Ant-Man stuff, but that had a lot more comedy and a lot fewer characters looking somber and being hopeless.

That was very funny. Well done.
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