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Originally Posted by Kitsa View Post
every time you guys go on about fitness and martial arts all I see are a bunch of macs talking about how hard they are and saying they can't do backflips right now because they're saving their strength for something really awesome.
yo man, that ain't cool dawg. I take offense, Miss.

In any case, it's not like we're talking about Tornado Kicks and Superman Punches here.
Originally Posted by 10,000 Volt Ghost View Post
I'm really good at the fluid strikes and movements. The hardest part I think are the drop rolls let alone the drop roll attacks. I used to really excel at rolls from different drop positions but they take their toll.
My ankle's never been 100% since I broke it some years ago, so I wasn't able to roll or kick well in the beginning. I've just recently begun to practice more of it.
Originally Posted by Jixby Phillips View Post
Oh god fathom zero, you are revealing yourself to be completely awful
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