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Originally Posted by Babs View Post
Do you have any pictures of him before molting then after? It would be even more awesome if you had a a small video of him molting! I hear they get really pissy before and after. My curiosity needs to be satisfied, and I don't want to see a YouTube of some other dude's tarantula, that's to impersonal for me.
that's likely a female. well, i hope it's a female. i guess i could find out whenever i get the exuvia out of her tank, but i don't even know exactly what i'd be looking for.

also, nah, i usually miss the actual molting process, and can only tell by the fact that my spider is bigger and more vibrant and there's an empty spider in the tank with it. i do my best to not move their enclosures right after molts, just because i don't want to disturb 'em.

molts can be dangerous. sometimes a chunk of the old exoskeleton gets stuck, or the new exoskeleton tears, or w/e. the only tarantula we've had die so far died in the middle of a molt (although it was basically dying for weeks leading up to it, definitely didn't have enough energy to molt but it tried anyway ).

and it's not really something worth taping, unless you sped up the footage a lot. it's a pretty slow process, with lots of slow tugging.

the neatest pre- and post-molt pictures i have are of a young brachypelma emilia, and it's really only neat because the spider didn't have any of its adult coloration and then it molted and the colors were like... BAM!

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