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An old classic:

A guy walks into a bar and pulls out a tiny piano and a tiny pianist

Bartender: That's amazing! Where'd you get that?

Man: I came upon a magic beer can walking along the beach, when I picked it up, this genie came out of it and told me he would grant me one wish.

Bartender: Do you still have that beer can?

Man: No I left it where I found it

The man tells the bartender where the beer can is and the bartender tracks it down, when he finds it, he asks the genie for a million bucks, the next day the man comes back into the bar.

Bartender: What was up with that genie anyway? I asked it for a million bucks and when I got home there was a million ducks in my house.

Man: Do you really think I asked the genie for a 12 inch pianist?
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