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talk about your gross stuff here guys!

last night i was trying to go to bed, but i was throwing some stuf into my closet. apparently some things started to avalanche out, one of them being a huge DARE thermos mug filled with some sort of soup? it wasn't mine, and i don't know what it was doing up there!

the clumpy liquid exploded onto my new carpet, releasing some an odor that can only be described as "deathly" panicing, i went to scoop some of the chunks back into the cup. this shit had to have been old, i'm talking 3-4 years old. upon touching said chunky sludge, my gag reflexes kicked in and i ran into my bathroom & puked

i slept in the living room because of the smell :/

my carpet is fucked i know one of you pansies has to have some sort of ancient remedy
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