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Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
I hear played out jokes can get boring. But Simpsons quotes never stop being funny.

In the spirit of drinking and asians and blacks and jokes I present this one to you.

A black guy walks into a bar a says to the chinese bartender.
Gimme a drink chink.
The asain guy looks at him and then decides to ignore him and just wipe the bar. The black guy reapats louder.
The chinese guy throws the towel at the guy and says.
You think it's so easy taking shit from everyone in here? You fucking stand back here and see how it feels!
The change places and the chinese guy says.
Gimme a jigger n1gger.
The black guys says.....
We don't serve your kind here.

That's horrible. I'm only laughing because my mom used to work at general mills and her boss Woody told me that joke. He was black and I was like 10. I was just liked WTF, okay.

But the the point. There's no need for racism whatsoever. I'll laugh at jokes as long as there is love involved too. My old roommate Vaughn told me once that I was blacker than he was. I asked him why. He was like" "Well, you have a giant ass, loved fried chicken and big white women are okay in your book."

I couldn't refute it at all. We had this asshole old Italian landlord fuck who actually charged us more rent because he found out Vaughn was black. I really wanted to knock this guys lights out but Vaughn was just kind of whatever. We moved out a few months later though.
God speed you meddling kids.
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