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Oh, I just noticed that other thread and I guess I should get some thoughts out there on it.

I never read that other thread, didn't even know it existed. Looking at that single scientific study of frogs (I dunno if there was more) things look pretty condemning for the use of fluoride on their developing embryos.

This is a common practice among extremist fringe opinion groups however. The raw foods movement continually repeats a single study, a study where cats who ate raw meat gradually became more ill than cats who ate cooked meat, to make a blanket claim that cooked food is unhealthy. When cats physiology is simply too different from ours for something like that to matter. They require taurine as an essential organic acid to survive, which is removed from meat when it is cooked. Humans have no such need, making the study worthless.

The physiology of an amphibian is radically different from a human's, and especially their developmental process. I am not trying to dismiss the whole study, but without knowing more it seems sketchy, especially if it came from an anti-fluoride source.

I haven't read all these threads so I don't know if this has been brought up yet but we all do know that a complete lack of it can cause osteoporosis along with brittle teeth and nails right? Do you guys rally against iodine as well? Similar to fluoride you can't have more than trace amounts of it in your body or else it could be harmful, but without these trace amounts you will develop goiters and cretinism. And its found in table salt! IT CAN KILL US.

I am mostly posting this for myself since none of it will be news to many, and ignored by the rest. But the human body is complicated, thinking there is just black and white poison and not poison elements in nature is childish and kinda stupid. Us adults know that too much of anything is dangerous, and that for some things in this world too much is a very tiny amount.
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