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I think they should've put him in jail with a house arrest band you see in the movies and if Al Queada would ever break him out they would have to find hotel after hotel until they can break off the band. That way Osama learns a lesson and Al Queada can say Osama's awesome.

Then we get oil.

Well, I'm on the fence about the whole if Osama was given a chance to stay alive. Al Queada would probably be shit storming like hornets getting their nest wiped with a dick and be hurling bags of bombs in the streets until they get results or until we raze their last monster generator. But the question would be if that increase in violence would be worth letting the fucker go insane in solitary.

God damn it. I'm finally getting out of a political shell and all I have for security quality is the damn TSA thinking I was either drunk or holding a cough from a bad joint while I was being sent on medical leave from school due to a mid-life meltdown.

Fucking assholes.
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