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Originally Posted by VinceZeb
Just a small bit of advice: If you want liberal views to be looked at and respected, please... PLEASE don’t reference Said, Zinn, or Chomsky. These people have been proven time and time again to be liars and out of touch of reality. I'll read anything that my political opposition says but come on.... serious.
This coming from a guy who has cited Rush Limbaugh.

Look, Said is a bit extreme for my taste, but like others, he has the intelligence and strong writing ability to make very valid points and observations.

Zinn: Yeah, a New Leftist, but knows his history.

Chomsky: Similar to Said, but I feel that for what Chomsky lacks in personal theory, he makes up for in data and numbers. You get a perspective that few others will talk about, mainly because they refuse to, or can't.
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