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He doesn't need too, cause he's ALL MAN.

I don't understand how lita's baby dying makes Kane face. He forced her to marry him against her will, then says in the interview "Despite our differences, we at least shared the baby. Now, we don't share anything anymore." BIG FUCKING SURPRISE. MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE RAPED HER BUT NOW BECAUSE SNITSKY GAVE HER THE BABY PULVERIZER, YOU ARE MY RAPE HERO.

Wrestling is ridiculously retarded, and that's why I love it. Let's run down the great plot developments that surfaced on monday.

Vet women strip down new woman to embarrass her. New woman dances around in underwear.
CONFLICT: Jealousy, hazing

Shelton wrestles HHH for the third time, HHH cheats, Shelton wins by DQ and gets beat up by Evolution. Benoit and Orton are apparently uninterested.

Orton appeals to flair to not be HHH's lap dog. Later that night, Orton wrestles batista, gets beaten up by HHH, Flair shows up and in a SHOCKING SWERVE~! beats Orton up too.
CONFLICT: Orton's feud with HHH

Hurricane and Rosey continue to be jobbers.
CONFLICT: Hurricane's crushed soul and Rosie's love of pork pockets.
RESOLUTION: They are guaranteed at least 3 seconds of well-deserved rest every monday night.

Snitsky defeats Val Venis after expressing that it wasn't his fault for killing Kane's baby. Kane is sad.
CONFLICT: Kane is sad.
RESOLUTION: Val Venis cries when he ejaculates.

In conclusion, it's clear to me that the future of Raw is Hurricane and Kane teaming up again, then joining with Val Venis to hold each other and cry.
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