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Cybernetic - Ha! If anything is going to murder people in the next novel, it clearly needs to be the electric fence. It didn't even need to wear Jason's mask!

Blackdrazon - He does look similar, though the bigger question is why is he wearing his protective football gear out in the middle of a forest? Now I wanna see a football player clumsily break his neck while attempting to tackle Jason Voorhees sooooo badly.

Captain Seamus - Indeed! That's why I only mentioned the movie haha.

Wyldflame - Thanks! I have all sorts of fun planned between now and Halloween, so we'll see what other articles I can pull off between now and then. I'm splitting my time between Halloween and working on my new BCPG video game, so things are super crazy at the moment. Glad you're enjoying it all so far!

Ricky Butler - Believe me, I must've read that line five times just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. It seriously killed me. Nothing turns the ladies on like odor powerful enough to make you gag.

A-bomb - Good, cuz I was hoping it would bring people back to those cheesy teen novels we all grew up with (or are still growing up with). Thanks for reading!

dextire - I'm tempted to make him into a t-shirt. I don't know why I like that stupid drawing so much.
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