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So I did a little detective work, (meaning I went back and looked through the thread ) and here is how the Secret Santa event stands as of right now.

Participants who have yet to receive a SS package:

Babality Pancakes

Participants who have yet to have a SS package received:
Nick - Shipped on the 11th.
Lumpisan - Shipped on the 13th.
Microshock - Said he was going to ship on the 7th or 8th, never confirmed.

Participants who have received a SS package and have not yet posted photos:

Zomboid - Recieved on the 19th.
Microshock - Received on the 7th.

Odd man out:
MrSmiley381 is still listed as a participant, but has not posted once in this thread, and no one has received a package from him.
(I'm guessing he doesn't actually belong on the list?)

So, excluding MrSmiley381, we have 3 people who have yet to receive a gift, and 3 people who have shipped late.
Which means, *knocking on wood, while crossing fingers, and holding lucky Madball* everyone who participated this year should get a gift!