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Originally Posted by Blasted Child View Post
As a Swede I'm interested in knowing that Sweden has secretly more or less joined NATO, and has ongoing deals and agreements with the USA that hardly even our prime minister knows about.
That's actually really, really outrageous. This is the kind of thing that a people NEED to know about, because it affects them and THEIR safety. If an Australian government made some behind closed doors deal with the US to go to war with Iran or Nth Korea if war did happen to break out, or something along those lines, I would want to know. All Australians would want to know. If the US has a secret deal with Israel to go to war beside them if it breaks out with Iran... I'm sure you and every other American would want to know that.

That kind of 'classified' deal is the kind of thing that will end in people being harmed, killed, tortured, displaced etc. The secrets and lies of governments surrounding the Iraq and Afghan wars are responsible for more deaths than any documents on wikileaks will ever be.
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