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I'd be looking into moving into a new place...Man I really can't imagine living with someone else unless I'm fucking them these days. Did that for 4 years in the army...over it haha.


So I was doing my rounds tonight, which was actually a decent Thursday. Walked with a good tipout and such.. Anyway, this roided out kid that was wearing a Hollister or Abercrombie polo WAAAY too small for him (didn't even think that shit was popular anymore) was walking towards me down this hallway (where the bathrooms are located) and shoulder checked me. I turned around, stared him down (I'm probably about 50lbs less than this kid...and like I said, he was pretty jacked) and I said "Do we have a problem?" He saw my tshirt and realized I was working and said "Oh no man my bad" I politely told him "Look dude, that shit doesn't fly at this bar. You're on WEST 6th Street (where all the rich yuppies come and get fucked up) not DIRTY 6th (college doucher fist pumpers)." He said sorry and went into the rest room.

I noticed after that though that he was in there for a little while, so I peeked my head into the men's room. We have only one stall and a urinal in the bathroom, and I saw TWO sets of feet in the they were either doing coke or sucking dick... So I banged on the stall door and yelled "THERE'S ONLY TWO THINGS YOU GUYS ARE DOING IN THERE AND NEITHER ARE GOOD" They one guy screams "We're doing coke We're doing coke!"

Needless to say, Mr. Roids left without a fuss and his whole doucher crew had to leave with him. With one of his friends calling him a piece of shit because the bar that I work at attracts ALL the fine ladiez.
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