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I live on SoCo and I can't fucking stand it...It's such a nice apartment complex but the other residents are spoiled St. Ed's kids that just trash the place all the time. When my girlfriend and I moved in here, it was really quiet and nice, but this past summer has just been full of fuck.

I love Austin but I really hate a lot of Austinites.


This past Saturday night was especially shitty since Austin City Limits is going on and people think they can day drink, take a shit ton of 5 hour energies and coke, attempt to sober up, and go out and drink again at 11pm.

So needless to say, the people walking into the bars are ticking time bombs. All it takes is basically one drink and they're fucked.

This one drunk broseph rocking a Corona tank top was so drunk he snuck into the back office "looking for the bathroom". The barback (super awesome and good guy but when shit goes down, is the first to get into the mix) threw this kid out and told me not to let him back in. I was at the door when this all happened.

After we exchanged a few words, I told him he needed to leave before I and my managers get upset. So he eventually left and walked around to adjacent alley way and relieved himself. He eventually came back around to the right side of the bar where there is a fence separating the bar and the sidewalk (perfect place for people watching) and this fool thought he could jump it without getting noticed. I immediately went up to him, grabbed his arm, flipped him around and chicken-winged him. Took him straight to the gate and quite literally threw him out.

This is the part that kind of blew my mind... He called me a bitch. I get called a million things every night. From asshole, dickhead, dick-wad, faggot, idiot, moron, fucker etc...but a bitch?! I'm pretty sure I just manhandled that kid and he has the balls to call me a bitch?

Well, it didn't really bother me that much as it more or less confused me. I told him "Have a good night!" like I do to all the drunk morons I throw out.

Thankfully only one more weekend of ACL remains.
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