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Just because he doesn't need them doesn't mean he isn't trying to get them or that he thinks it is worth a try to get them. He loses nothing for making a public stink about his 'benevolent release of prisoners' so why not do so and see if you can con a few mugs?

Let's say for a moment that we can take everything they are reporting as true and let's further say they would in theory report if prisoners were not getting fed anything and died in droves of starvation (we already know the leadership in North Korea either does or doesn't care what anyone really thinks). If in this exercise no droves of dead North Korean prisoners were ever reported we have to assume they are being taken care of even if it is the most minimum way possible. In this case there will be a cost of some kind.

Even 'nothing' costs something, in this case 'nothing' causes guards to have to be paid, food to be bought and provisions for the facilities. They may be the cheapest available but it would cut some costs. Not a lot but some. Maybe this stink isn't for the rest of the world though maybe it is for others who are pressuring him to cut costs somewhere and this is a token gesture on his part. Not that it matters anyway the prisoners are ironically likely no better off as free men in that country I wager.
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