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So when nancy suggested that we have a party, i went along with her. I wont say i wasnt willing, i like to have fun. This turned out to be the greatest party i have ever been a part of. For the month that we planned it all out we did not have a single fight, it was a true team effort, but there was a little trouble ahead.

A friend of ours had broken up with her boyfriend. She found out he was banging her fourteen year old daughter, and sent him packing. He was furious about it. Word had gotten back to me from another friend that he was planning to pull "Some Columbine Shit" at my house on the day of the party.

I knew this guy had an AK47, I knew he had done jail time for building a bomb and trying to blow up some dude for money. I also knew this guy was completely capable of going on a shooting spree. To make my point, he would later die in a car wreck while chasing down another exgirlfriend and her new boyfriend so he could kill them. He was a fucking pyscho.

Being the rational person I was, I suggested not having the party. I was really afraid of the idea of this guy killing a bunch of people on my property. I would feel like shit if I knew he was planning some shit like that and hurt people. I had the last fight I would ever have with Nancy that day. We argued for a long time. It ended when she called me a Pussy. I had been a pussy my whole life, that the reason life was so hard was because i was such a pussy. That I was a failure as a father and husband because I was just a big pussy.

and although I felt in light of a lot of logical reasons I was not being a pussy, I realized she was right. I had let this stupid bitch terrorize me for over a decade because i was too big a pussy to stand up to her. Fuck it, let her have her party, quite frankly i hoped she was the first fucking person this asshole shot.

Well, the party went off without a hitch. A local biker gang agreed to do security and the Psycho knew these dudes well enough that he didnt want to fuck with them (funny side note, i was friends with these guys cause one of them had spanked me for being an asshole when i was a kid and then became friends with my Dad cause my Dad also spanked me for being an asshole and so the circle of life goes). We had ten bands play, and well over a thousand people came to this party. You know its been a good time when you wake up in the morning and a bunch of naked people (men and women) are playing horshoes in the back yard.

I hadn't forgotten that whole pussy thing. No one little bit.

So when Erin came to me and asked if she could have her 21st birthday party at my house, I said yes. Over the years Erin and I had become pretty close, and she had just broken up with her boyfriend. She had made it pretty clear she wanted me to fuck her for her birthday. Nancy never stayed home at this point, and Erin's birthday was no different. It was also a really good party.

About halfway through, Erin and I went to my room and had sex. While we were off having fun somone decided to steal my PS2

When I realized it was gone in the morning I felt really bad, me and the kids used that as our only form of entertainment. We had no phone or cable, and it was our only way to watch DVD's. I already regretted sleeping with Erin. As I noted earlier, I am not a cheater. I am not trying to justify it, but I only went through with it cause she was so fucking hot, and I kinda wanted to prove to myself i wasnt a pussy. Low self esteem, mixed with a stolen play station, mixed with violating everything you believe in equals a perfect storm of depression.

Instead of folding, I decided to get my shit together. I spent more time with the kids. I cleaned house obsessively, and in general started doing positive stuff. I felt dirty inside and it bothered me, I wanted to be a good person again.

As luck would have it, I got a call from Juliet. Another opening had come open on the base. She had done me a solid (again, she LOVED my brother) and held onto my application from the last time, and offered me a job. This tie I had been clean for awhile, I passed the pee test and for the next year Nancy and I avoided each other like the plague. I worked hard, and got my finances under control, and life started getting to be ok.
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