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Name- John (after John Lennon)
Age- nice try
job- none
where you at?- New York
why did you start posting- I-mockery is one of my favorite sites
how long have you been on the board- bout 4 days
hobbies- Videogames, music, anime, etc
fav. music/band- Radiohead, NIN, Beck, Johnny Cash, Beastie boys, and a ton others
fav. book- anything thats cynical and evil
fav. movie- Princess Monoke, anything by Kevin Smith
Who do you hate the most on this board- Jersyboy, Captain Robo, GnrySrgtHartman, error, and a few others
what is that smell- my ASS
ill fuck that bitch so hard in 10 years she'll crack her back and remember my dick - kahljorn
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