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Name- Jeff
Age- 16
job- Server at an assisted living center
where you at?- Saginaw, MI
why did you start posting- The site is great, lots of funny people on these boards
how long have you been on the board- Old board: about 6 months
hobbies- Guitar, Music, Video Games, Movies
fav. music/band- Metal/HardCore, although my favorite band is Smashing Pumpkins
fav. book- Please Kill Me: The Oral History Of Punk
fav. movie- Legally Blonde (I can't wait for part 2! )
Who do you hate the most on this board- Jamesman and Rongi, I don't hate the newbs, as I am one
what is that smell- A maggot covered half eaten sandwich, discarded and forgotton under one of many fat rolls on Wayne Knights Belly
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