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Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
I've already put you in a corner 3 times in this thread alone. I'm not gonna play your little Coolinator game where we go back to every point and explain where you failed because you are too fucking lame to figure it out. So instead I will give you a fresh brand new corner. I know how hard it is for you to keep up so it will be less tedious this way.
I think you're overestimating your ability to put people in corners, Tadao. At least when it comes to verbal arguments. I don't know about cornering people physically, but something tells me you do that much better.

I've looked through the posts you've made here (and god it's not a pretty sight), and the only time you've demanded some sort of response is when you asked for names of the leaks. I gave you a name that time, the most prominent leak so far. Link and all.
Then you kept repeating this request, as if I personally wrote the damned wikileaks and kept all the contacts in some sort of folder. Is that when you cornered me, Tadao? When you kept shouting "I want names!!"?

Oh, let me guess, it's when you wrote "what are you gonna do with all this information?" Then sorry if I didn't reply. This is what transparency is, Tadao, when people get information. What do you do with the news you read? Do you always do something actively?
Well some people do. And then you can support them, when you've received information and know how to cast your vote.
I simply think people should get information. I think that's ultimately a good thing. Totalitarian regimes cover up things and keep their people in the dark. You don't want that.

This is really all I have to say about this. It has nothing to do with being anti-american; if I was anti-american I would think you deserved the same kind of non-transparency they have in China.

Just my two cents.
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