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As I think I said in "that other thread" there is still a lot we don't really understand about how and why the global climate cycles. Devotees of the ALGOR robot seem to point to the industrial revolution as the beginning of a gradual global warming, and claim this to be evidence of the human influenced warming trend which is outside of what we can infer from ice cores and tree rings as "normal" cyclic variation.

Then you have the FOXY contingent who points to a period in time known as "the Medieval Warming Period" where the average temperature increased even though there was no significant contribution from manmade activity.

So they argue. And argue. It's like a bad SNL sketch. "You shut up!" "No, you shut up!" (repeat ad.lib.) It's actually funny when you see it happen in a scientific forum like the ACS. And sad at the same time.

We'll likely not know the full story, or understand the implications of our actions today until after whatever is in store for us is already in full swing. And by then, it will be too late.

I believe it's called "fiddling while Rome burns".
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