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Originally Posted by Jeanette X
Originally Posted by Marilyn666
And I laugh at every thing i never said I couldn't take a joke.
I never said this, I never said that. Just shut the fuck up. I know what you said. You whined about being the only person mocked on here, and on several occasions, and you took several things that were meant to be taunts and insults as if they were serious observations. (The subject of this very thread is one such example) You are so retarded that it makes me almost feel sorry for you.

Oh, and by the way...who gives a shit if your signature is from Cradle of Filth? The point remains the same. You put it up because you thought it was oh-so-morbid and dark and you thought it would shock people.
No, I put it there because I put it there because I like the song. And there was nothing funny in the tuants. Actually I still don't know alo about Yu-Gi-Oh.
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