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ricochet - first cat i ever had. he lived up to his name so we gave him to a farm so he could be a mouser.

chippewa - little calico kitty i got from my cousin's barn.

cherokee - chippewa's sister. also a calico. i have no idea what happened to these cats, but we had them for quite some time.

sable - beautiful chocolate lab who was as dumb as a rock. i hated her when we first got her because we were supposed to get a puppy and my mom came home with this lumbering 6 month old lab. she ended up being an amazing animal who i grew to love tremendously. we had to get rid of her when my mom got sick. she went to a friend's house out in the country. she died awhile back, but lived a good life.

crystal - weimeraner puppy who lasted about 2 months at our house. she destroyed everything and we soon realized that she needed much more room than we could provide for her. we sold her to a nice couple who lived out in the country and had 2 acres of land.

zeke - orange and white cat who rocked my socks. he was super rad. he was killed by a vet and i mean that literally. the vet extracted a tooth from his head, but failed to give him a blood test and the anesthetic killed him. motherfucker

whitey - another orange and white cat that was technically my cocaine dealer roommate's cat

spook - lovely kitty who got knocked up by whitey. they had the best calico kittens in the world. i had to get rid of her when i moved in with fat stacey and i cried for a week. some nice couple at the apl took her so i didn't have to leave her there.

rupert - little girl kitty who we thought was a boy who caught some strange neurological disease and had to be put down

wednesday - strange calico cat who loved to take showers. i had to give her up when i moved in with fat stacey, too. i don't think she made it very long at the apl. i try not to think about that.

sophie - another girl kitty. pretty little tabby. she was fatima's but fatima couldn't have her at her apartment so i took her and then i gave her back to fatima when i moved in with fat stacey. fatima gave her to an old lady because her husband hates cats.

inky - boy kitty. black. long hair. he's the one i have now. i love him to pieces. he lays on his back like a dog and also plays fetch.

sylvester - boy kitty. orange tabby. naughty naughty NAUGHTY, but cuddly as hell and purrs like a friggin motorcycle.

i had a bunny, too, and i've had fish, etc...but you know. i figure my post is long enough as it is.
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