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Inside Cats

Spunky - We got her from our neighbor. The lady was moving to an old folks' home and couldn't take Spunky, so we took care of her. She lived outside up until 3 or 4 years ago. She's 14 or 15 now. She's calico.

Reggie - We got him from the pound when he was something like 6 weeks old. He was in a box beside the highway and his dead momma was a few feet away from it. Well, thats what the lady at the pound told us. So we felt sorry for him and now he's a 20lb cat that eats our dog's food. He's a grey tabby

Squirrel - The newest of our pets. He's about 8 months old.We took him in from outside, he was pretty much a bag of bones. Mom nursed him back to health and spent a lot of money on kitty meds for him. He looks (as you may have guessed) a lot like a squirrel. He has a gigantic bushy tail and a very rodent-esqe face. He's a


Tux(edo) - He's Squirrel's brother. He was healthy so we didn't take him in. He's a grey cat with white feet and a white chest. He only has half of a tail, too. We don't know where the rest of it went.

Hunter - Tux's sister. THE.CUTEST.CAT.EVER. She has a tawny grey coat with white feet and a white face. She's really cute.

Snap(R.I.P) - She died when my brother started the car while she was under the hood. One of my most traumatic experiences ever. I imagine it's my brother's worst experience, period. She was solid black.

Crackle - Snap's sister. Grey and black striped. She looks like an Asian woman in a big fur coat for some reason. Meh

Pop - He's like a gigantic, golden version of Crackle. He weighs as much as Reggie but he's a fucking tank. He's pretty much the pimp of all the other outside cats, yet he's one of the nicest animals I've ever seen.


Milo - He's a retard with a heart of gold. He ran into a door headfirst the other day. While walking. He looks like he might be vicious, but he wouldn't hurt anything. He's afraid of cats. He barks and growls at German Sheperds on the other side of the fence because he's stupid. He's a Beagle/Yellow Lab mix. He's like 10 years old, but still acts like a puppy.
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