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Zappa - The most adoreable kitty ever. I named him after frank zappa (duh). He was a little pudgy but not too pudgy. He was completely tiger striped and often tried to have sex with my cat Cleo. He dissappeared a few months ago and i never saw him again

Cleo - A complete and utter bitch but she's like the best cat ever. Half her face is black and half is tiger striped and she's got white paws so it looks like she's wearing gloves. And one of her legs is tiger striped. She only likes me and whenever I have company she runs the other way. Gets extremely terrirtorial around other cats ( but not dogs ). I often find her sleeping in lundrey baskets.

I had a ton of kitties at one point but it was so long ago I dont remember their names.

Leo - A cat my mom and sister had when I was a baby. They got rid of him because they though he would suck the air out of my face


Angel - The best god damn moltese dog ever. She was so friendly and loyal. We fucking had to get rid of her because my crack addict uncle decieded he didnt want to pay for her and wanted to pay for coke

Fluffy - The worst god damn dog ever. Shit all over the place and was really ugly. We gave her to a farmer

Teddy - One of the best dogs ever . He was a yorkshire terrior who was brought up to hunt small animals. He was six years old and looked like a puppy. He often tried to hump zappa. He was kidnapped this summer by some jerkoff and we never saw him again :'(


I had a rabbit once ( cant remmember the name ). Teddy kept trying to kill it so we let it go.
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