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I was about 17 and was quite smitten with a girl from my school. She had just transfered in from a rival school a few months earlier so I really didn't know a whole lot of personal information about her. We ended up talking at a few parties, shootin' the shit so to speak.

One night a friend and I were at a club and we happened to see the girl (Brandi) and her friend. I was underage, but the only way I could dance was if I let the liquor do it for me, so I was pretty drunk before I even got to the club. Anyways, I danced with Brandi a few times and we agreed to go back to my friend's place to drink some more. I was drinking pretty heavy during the ride back and by the time we got to my friend's place, I was some fucked up.

Brandi says she's tired and wants to watch a movie. So we get under the covers on a couch while my friend gets in his bed with her friend (bed and couch in same room). We pop in "The Abyss" on VHS (yeah, poor frig dancing movie, I know) and before I get back under the covers I declare that we should shotgun some beers down. The girls declined but my friend and I proceeded to shotgun two beers each back-to-back. We shut off the lights, and the fun begins. Or so I thought.

A few minutes pass and i'm down to my boxers and she's down to her bra and panties. Nasty things were going down and then...that was it. When I woke up, it was 6am, the tv was playing static, and I was lying on the couch in my boxers with no pillow or covers. My stupid drunk ass had passed out on top of her, and in disgust she ended up sleeping on the floor. When she woke her and the friend walked out the door without saying a word.

In retrospect it was a good thing nothing actually happened because later on I saw her at a party having sex with two different guys within mere hours of each other. I later found out from some guys from her old school that multiple partners in the same night was a common activity for her.
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