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K ... So I read this:

I Married A Communist by Philip Roth
this is about a radio show communist who is black listed in the mccarthy era. it's a good portrait of american society and paranoia during the 50's. it's a fiction, but the setting is all too real and rather poignant considering the state of things in our country right now.

... and liked it. I liked the way Ira's tiwisted character was seen through the point of view of both Murray and Nathan. I also liked the "behind the scenes" view of the movement as opposed to the communist threat painted by the usual media terrorists. It's kind of scary how much influence the media and government had at the time ... and still does to some degree. 8-) I was kind of wondering whether the Ira character was supposed to be a metaphor for one person (or many people). Interesting nonetheless. Thank you.

Now ... have you read any of my picks? ... hmmm.

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