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One, my legs are very fit. I exercise ALOT, believe it or fucking not. Next, who cares if I have an InuYasha poster? You going to sue me about it? Third, I can understand joking around but this is just fucking depressing. It's like you guys think HATING on someone and ganging up on them and flaming the shit out of them is humorous and witty. It's not. Also, bashing someone on their appearance, like their weight, is the lowest of the low. You act like this unfortunately downsized generation, that place all their emphasis on look, rather than attitude and personality. I can understand joking around but this clearly isn't joking around, given how deep you're allowing it to go. I don't deserve this shit. I'm a human being too, despite what you jackasses seem to think. It's like you make it your personal goal to snipe the shit out of new comers. If this is your style, I can't believe anyone wants to join this hell. I hope you're proud of yourselves, you managed to act like COMPLETE assholes and, once again, my faith in humanity dropped another bar.