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You see crap like this all the time, there is a National American Association of Doctors council that is fighting against obamacare, but its really a propaganda group with 2 doctors and 30 public relation officers as members. But they still get to say "LOOK WE ARE A GROUP OF DOCTORS YOU MUST LISTEN TO US."

Flouride may very well be dangerous, and these people might be doing legitimate research that will someday produce results to confirm their claims. But right now they are nothing but a authority by numbers fallacy claims PR group. As soon as you read something like "group representing 7000 people" as an argument, sirens should be going off in your head. I even did a google search to look for the ONE SINGLE PAPER they reference (since they don't provide a link to it) as proof in research, but I couldn't find it anywhere. All they provide is multiple formal letters from (I assume) important names demanding that flouride must be taken out of drinking water.

To put this all in perspective, there is a large group of people out there who are don't believe that microorganisms cause disease. They have a flotilla of doctors and healthcare professionals who are constantly fighting to 'change the system' for the good of mankind. Names as big as Bill Maher are on this boat, spending tons of money to prove it. And they have just as much evidence: fallacy ad populi and appeals to authority. Just because lots of people, and lots of important people beleive something doesn't make something more believable unless they have the proper data.

People don't like to think they are being manipulated, I understand that, and the idea that flouride was put in our water as some social experiment years ago perks up the ears of many people, without offering proper evidence.

I know, I know, TL;DR
But here's some truth: evidence may some day agree with you and everyone will go "OH SHIT THEY WERE RIGHT" and you'll feel real smart for knowing it all along. But in reality you were an idiot right up until the moment they found evidence, then you became lucky.
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