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When Sadam was sitting in court rooms being tried, the whole word believed that he was captured. Even though he is know for having multiple doubles. The point is that moving pictures captures little tells, photos show nothing viable. Most of the world believes Sadam is dead.

What we have here is a bunch of ammo for the Tea Party and Birthers to go on and on about how there is no proof and how do we really know. Yay! I wanna hear that for 4 more years.

I believe that our government is fully capable of faking this whole thing to get 'Merica up and running again. Do I care? No, not really. At this point in Americas life, this is probably the best thing for us, real or fake. It's just stupid that they didn't take every measure to prove to the Arab and Western worlds that he was defiantly captured and defiantly dead.
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