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Originally Posted by Shrubfest View Post
Wasn't it Kitsa who didn't like jaffa cakes? I know i wanted to argue the point but it was soon after I joined and I was too much of a coward to tell people on the internet that they were wrong about snack cakes.
We have a fundamental misunderstanding here.

First, I love McVities. Milk chocolate only, though. I dip them in coffee. The only improvement I could come up with, other than the apparent complete lack of nutritional value, is a non-chocolated notch for the thumb so that you don't come up with a chocolate thumb after dunking. I was mainly surprised that they have no fiber because they go on about "whole wheat" (which really isn't supposed to mean anything, per my bigdeal nutrition professors; you should look for "whole grain"). Also, there are heavy grain-heads floating above the biscuit on the packaging and one stamped into the surface of every one, so it's a bit misleading. That said, I don't expect to eat chocolate-covered cookies and not be a total fatass as a consequence.

I don't remember having a problem with jaffa cakes. My only source for them locally does sometimes have old goods, so if I did have a problem with them that would be why. I think I remember my last jaffa cake's covering coming off of the filling separately and that being weird.

If we're headed down this road, I also had a problem with some stale bakewell tarts from the same location.
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