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Been playing Far Cry 3. It's incredibly fun, and they fixed a lot of what was wrong with FC2. Even so, it's a little weird that oppressed island tribe has been waiting for some white kid from Santa Monica to come and be better than them at everything.

I especially like that you can go completely off the rails after a single mission ans just start raiding outposts and doing whatever. Sure, playing the story missions unlocks a couple extra tattoo abilities, but you don't feel obligated to play them just so you'll have enough unlocked to make the free roaming stuff more viable, if that makes any sense.

There's also a little bit of something I really enjoy in a game that you don't see that often: the ability to go off somewhere that's more or less too advanced for you early on and steal a bunch of weapons that would otherwise take more time to buy/unlock. I got an SMG and a sniper rifle early on, and all I had to do was stab some red guy in the heart!

Also, I nearly jumped out of my skin the first time I ran through a river and discovered the game has crocodiles. And then I never saw a second one.
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