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I just finished reading How I Escaped My Certain Fate: The Life and Deaths of a Stand-Up Comedian by Stewart Lee. Very funny, and at times quite interesting, but I am a huge Stewart Lee fan so I was never going to be dissapointed, and I love annotations and hearing the true stories behind where jokes come from. It's essentially an audio commentary in book form for his first three stand-up shows that have been made available on DVD (stand-up comedian, 90s comedian and 41st best stand-up ever), with chapters between each in which he talks about the relevent events of his life that lead up to each of the shows.

I have a huge amount of books on my shelf waiting to be read, but I have been trying to get through Blood Brothers by Richard Price, which is a good book, but just not what I have really been in the mood for recently. It's slow going but I refuse to read anything else now until it's done. After that I have to finish reading Wiseblood by Flannery O'Connor because I got halfway through that before I started reading Blood Brothers. I am an impatient, self-sabotaging reader.

Oh yeah, recently I read Donnie Brasco too. That was fun.
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