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I got a job drawing cartoons.

Some days, I come into work, and some client wants us to draw a story about a robot falling in love with a girl, and I guess it's supposed to correlate with health care strategies or something? I never understand any of the text on my posters or videos or whatever I just draw things and assume my supervisor and the client understand all of it.

I was working on a series of animations as a background artist and drew a rat in a bellhop outfit as a background character. He was onscreen for a whole second as the camera pans by. Anyways, he became this kind of Anti-Poochie, where the client demanded him to be in every cartoon after that as a main character. The problem was we needed to meet a deadline, so I never gave him proper turnarounds or anything, so somebody just rigged the background drawing with a really bored/angry expression, but he's saying things like "YOLO " and shit because that's what happens when rich old white dudes write scripts I guess.

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