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Looking forward to Final Crisis, but I admit that Countdown has been a big waste of a year.

One of the things I liked about Infinite Crisis and 52 was that they actually let the minor characters get the spotlight for once. 52 is the only time in history I have ever actually been interested in reading about guys like Black Adam and Booster Gold.

But now they are really scraping the bottom of the superhero barrel. Donna, Holly, Jimmy and Mary are truly boring no matter what you do with them, and a lackluster story like this isn't likely to improve matters.

As for Jason Todd, all I can say is that I'm working on a machine that will transport me into a comic book just so I can kill him again myself. I say we strap him and Bucky Barnes to a torpedo and fire it into the sun.

I don't generally mind when much beloved characters who have been killed return, because while it can make for a lousy story it also appeases the many fans who miss them. Next time Jean Grey lurches back to the land of the living (maybe that really is her on that Skrull ship) I'll roll my eyes but accept it because she is an important character.

But seriously, do you think there were legions of fans clamoring for Jason Todd's triumphant return to the world of douchebaggery? What were they thinking?
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