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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
oh fuck off. You're basically arguing that NOBODY should ever get a trial.

Did the petrol station attendant get a trial when he was held up at gun point?

etc etc

You can argue whether it is justice to kill him or not after you prove his guilt. If he was killed in the heat of battle then fair enough.
As usual, you have missed the point, but nice attempt to place words in my mouth to make up an argument (when I said nice I may have misspelled 'lame' there.)

Those 3000 people killed were an act of war.

Killing Bin Laden (which as it turns out was an act of self defense on the part of the troops as he was shooting at them after all) was part of the war he started.

You speak of law, but this is not a police action, it was a military action, and even if it was a police action, police shoot criminals in the course of defending themselves all the time, even in your country. Or are you now arguing that police and military have no right to defend themselves and those they are charged to protect? (see what I did there? I put words in your mouth to make you look heartless. how does it feel?)

Originally Posted by 018&page=4
Thanks to sophisticated satellite monitoring, U.S. forces knew they'd likely find bin Laden's family on the second and third floors of one of the buildings on the property, officials said. The SEALs secured the rest of the property first, then proceeded to the room where bin Laden was hiding. A firefight ensued, Brennan said.
Now as I read that, it occurs to me that the SEALs were shot at while trying to capture bin Laden. So what do you suggest, the SEALs die so you can blend the justice system inappropriately with war?

So maybe, before you tell people to quote 'fuck off' and basically put words in my mouth that I never said (you are saying that nobody should get a trial) in a very weak attempt to make me look bad, you should use that thing between your ears eh?
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