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Weird, I coulda swore I posted the results to this contest already. Sorry for the delay guys... just been completely swamped with the site redesign 'n all. Anywho, here be the results!

1st Place: J. Tithonus Penaud (Phantasms)

2nd Place: Nomistakinit (various entries)

3rd Place: Scott von Rocket (Chucky Charms)

Congrats to the winners and thanks again to all of you who participated. We'll have some more contests coming up in the near future!

BTW, Nomistakinit, I personally thought you should've won for your Sleepaway Camp entry, but I don't think any of the other judges saw that movie so the joke was a bit lost on 'em... but hey, at least you still got 2nd place :P
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