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That's kind of the way the Internet has gone actually. This site still gets a lot of traffic, but most people come to read the articles without dropping a comment. Sure, they'll "Like" it and share it on their favorite social networking sites, but getting involved in discussions on individual forums isn't something people do nearly as much these days - especially one like this that has old code and doesn't allow you to use your Facebook account to post or anything. I miss the way the web was before all the social networking stuff came into play, but as long as people are still reading / watching and enjoying the material on here, I'm a happy guy in the end. And in all honesty, I'm very, very lucky to have a site that's lasted so many years. Still can't believe it sometimes.

All that said, it's always nice to see some people coming back out of the woodwork for the Secret Santa event each year. It's like that during Halloween too. Some people are gone for ages, but come Halloween time on I-Mockery, they magically reappear as if summoned by an unseen force. Always puts a smile on my face.

Enjoy the Secret Santa event. And for those of you joining in for the first time, trust me when I say that the most fun part of it is seeing the reactions of the person who you send your gift to. So yeah, choose your gifts well and have fun with it!
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