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I share the same interests as the previous posters but I included some as well.

01) Any video store related things: Genre signs, promotional displays
02) Any essential 80s and 90s Hip-hop albums or singles CDs/Viny/Cassettes
03) Any DVD Blu-ray titles put out by Shout & Scream Factory (Blu if optional)
04) Any Gremlins related items (especially figures)
05) Movie and horror figures from Neca, Mezco, Old McFarlane, Atomic Time (Loose or Sealed)
06) Posters, Toys, Accessories, and XXL Shirts from the Electric Zombie stores (especially the Brainscan & Chucky ones)
07) Unwanted CDs, DVDs, Toys and Nostalgic items taking up space in your house.
08) Items from I-Mockery Shop: Spring Pixel Poster, "Giga Say Watt!?" T-Shirt (XXL), Re's Comics
09) Hallmark Movie Ornaments (ex The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)
10) Horror Movie Magazines (old and new)
11) Gwar Stuff (any) (except the newest album which I have)
12) Candy And Surprises

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