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Originally Posted by Zbu Manowar View Post
He's still in the Friday the 13th mode of horror instead of the true and deeply unsettling horror which is sad since his Devil's Rejects was very good on that part. Perhaps Zombie is best left a fan of the films as his style is just too different to fully recreate a film like this.
That is true, except its not the Friday the 13th mindset he is in. Its the 1970's exploitation film mindset. Look at the Devils Rejects and House of 1000 corpses. I found more similarities between those films and The original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (which in my opinion, was kind of a Exploitation film in the way the violence and presentation was handled) and other low budget movies from that same era.

If Zombie were left to do his own films, not remakes or other things, with his own original ideas, we would undoubtedly see a lot more quality work coming out from him. The problem with halloween it seems (havent seen it yet) is that it isnt a halloween movie, its just a movie that seems to have the the name tacked on top of it.
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