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Originally Posted by Colonel Flagg View Post
What kind of severance package are you getting? Typically it's 1 week for every year of service. Cobra benefits are generally standard fare (at least that's the way it was when I was laid off) so no big whoop there.

all i know and care is that i'm getting a temproray full healthcare coverage for at least 6 months and i could extend it to longer period of time only if i have a good reason ie. poor health, over 50 y/o. i didnt ask for any more details but i think i should and will. this is good for me to have healthcare because i plan to take a whole month of june off and go nuts on my mountain bike which i wouldnt normally do if i didnt have healthcare ha.

I think it should be easier for me now to ask for a copy of the contract because the general manager reads through my work computer and this thread is probably freaking him out if things dont pan out, then glowbelly can be my lawyer
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