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Well... not to get into semantics (because who want's to be accused of anti-semantism?) but no, it's not a real "continuity." Continuity is something that's a continuous narrative. Dark Tower isn't even a "shared world" (which is also different than a continuity). Dark Tower's a literary device that "intersects" each of these worlds as alternate realities... thereby creating (within Dark Tower only) a sort of psuedo-continuity. It's continuous narrative WITHIN Dark Tower, but outside of it, it's not.

I do, however, agree that adding himself into it was purely masturbatory. I swear that ever since he got hit by that car, EVERYTHING seems to be about people getting hit by cars while running. See Kingdom Hospital? Sheesh. Get over it! One traumatic experience and everything has to be centered around it?

I just hope he doesn't stub his toe really bad... or we might get a string of novels about monsters that stub people's toes when they're not looking.
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