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Thank you sir, may I have another?

The honorable Colonel gave me Glenn Close to work with.

Glenn Close movie I loved: Mars Attacks!
This seems to be one of those movies you either love or hate. I loved everything about it. The movie knows how dumb it is and just rolls with it.

Glenn Close movie I liked: The World According To Garp
It's been a decade since I last saw this, but there are scenes in the movie that haunt me to this day. If I remember correctly, the movie was a bit too long, but had moments that almost made me sob like a little girl. Plus it had John Lithgow playing a woman.

Glenn Close movie I hated: Air Force One
Even though I really hate the movie, i've seen it like five times. Maybe it's because it's on TV eight times a year. And usually it's on when i'm bored and there is nothing else on. The premise is ridicilous and not even Gary Oldman could save this trash.

Honorable mention: The Shield. It's a good series. Glenn Close was only in one season, but I liked her character.

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