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'Scud' is Nato terminology, Jen. It's an Iraqi-modified extended-range versions of the Soviet designed R-17 missile (known as the SS-IC Scud B in NATO terminology) called the AI Hussein and the AI Abbas. Some 650 R-17 missiles and 36 MAZ launch vehicles were sold to Iraq by the Soviet Union. By cannibalising R-17 Scud missiles and the indigenous production of some components, the Iraqis were able to build two extended range versions of the 300 km range R-17 - the AI Hussein or AI Hosseih - with a range of 600 to 650 km and the AI Abbas, or AI Hijarah, with a range of 750 km to 900 km. For simplicity's sake, all Iraqi-modified Scud missiles are hereafter refered to by the generic term "Scud."

Likewise, the FROG is an unguided artillary rocket (I'm not sure, but I think they are refering to the ancient Frog-7, with a range of 70 - 80 km) Iraqi-enhanced based upon a Russian design.

Why you want to know this, I have no idea, but for more information check out the Federation of American Scientists site
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