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o.k o.k, I have me a proper job now. I teach philosophy, ethics and religious studies at a nice school in a town named Eastbourne. All the schools in Brighton are weird, so I commute.

I now have 3 higher education degrees and for some reason people think I am good at this teaching malarkey. I have only been at it for 2 years and it looks like I will promoted to Head of Department in September- so fingers crossed- the money would help clear some of my student debt. The kids seems to like me because I use comics in the classroom. Superheroes and ethics fit better than spandex!

Rog you would be so welcome to come and stay, we have a cosy little flat that is more hospitable than Boo's old house and Boo wont play heroclix with me anymore because he is a bad loser!

Boo is doing great with the old comics biz, visit and look for Boo Cook to see what he has been up to. I think you would like his latest creation, Harry Kipling: Deceased, a very British zombie God hunter. Its toshing good fun.

anyway I am not going to bang on about me all day, what's new with you lot?
Is Proto still a virgin?
Has Max had that face lift?
Is Jixby still the sexiest boy magician the world has ever known?

oh, and on the Lando thing, I have come to embrace my Calrissian side. You know Lando made some mistakes, he had no choice, but he fixes it in the end and makes the right choice. funny how internet personality tests can be spookily spot on.
there had to be someone left to save to world
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