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No facelift, but I am closer to being inked than before, although the wife slapped an absolute veto on my getting a Richard Nixon portrait. I was decided on Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" (The drawing where he's chasing a dog with a fork) when it corssed my mind that I should have young skinny Willima Shatner on one shoulder and fat old William Shatner on the other. So once again I am undecided. Plus, I lack a recomendation for a good artist. There's one joint in walking distance from mine home, but that seems a poor reason for picking ones tatooerist.

At this rate I'll have to leave it in my will that my corpse must be engraved prior to burial.

PS: I just wrote Boo fanmail. Because I am a dork. It's about his comics, though, not fan mail about being shacked up with you. I am ten years older than him. I don't have a tattooed, reformed slut, kickboxing, ethics teacher, but I have two daughters. That's got to count for something.
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