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Some business actually do give away old food. Panera Bread (or St. Louis Bread Company, if you will) gives away it's old bread at the end of the day to the local homless shelters.

Most of the time, its due to "safety regulations". I remember when I worked at a resturant and the owner was a fuck-up who defaulted on the company in the middle of the night and probably is the only person in the world I would run across a major highway during rush hour just to beat the shit out of, but I diress....

Anyway, the place closed and corporate came in to clean everything up. We had a bunch of frozen foods in the back that had to be thrown away and couldn't be taken home because "they were the companies' property and because of safety regulations blah blah blah..." Needless to say, I think I was the only person who didn't snatch something up.
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