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woah. in response to all that.........

-- no, i'm not a pedophile. i like guys my own age or older. the youngest guy i've ever hooked up with was 20 and i was 26. i still see him from time to time, at least he's 21 now

-- i don't expect every guy i hook up with to fall in love with me. i do, however, expect guys to stop pretending like they want to date me if they only want to hook up with me. I am very honest, and i expect the same from whoever i am with (in whatever capacity). i can't stand when guys tell me they want to date me, which opens the door for me to actually be interested in someone, only for them to turn around and ignore me after we hook up. if that's all they wanted, i would have been fine with that. most guys make the mistake of thinking that i need to believe that they want to date me for me to put out. not true.

-- i don't consider myself an outcast, bejeebus, just always thought i'd be settled down and probably married with kids by now. not due to anyone else's expectations, just my own. and besides, the whole casual dating/friends with benefits thing is just getting old. and i already have a cat. no more animals.
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